Down South

So we are now ensconsed in the Bush House and enjoying the sunshine and good times of WA at play.

Yallingup was fun yesterday. We drove down around 6.30pm for a dip and ended up staying not getting dumped until about 7.30. Got to love Daylight Saving.

The other advantage of DS is that the sun doesn’t heat up our bedroom until 8 o’clock. Usually it becomes unbearably hot by 7. Loving the sleep in even more.

Anyway I don’t know when this will post because there is a problem with my hosting system which is causing errors in Blogger. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.



So the last two posts haven’t appeared so I’m writing this from a different computer.

In fact I’m in the studio – a pre-recorded interview is playing – so how multi-tasky am I! There is only four minutes to go of my shift so…

One more shift before Christmas!!

Christmas Cards

I haven’t sent any.

It’s not that I don’t care about you, I do. But most people I would send a card to, I’m going to see anyway. You know all my news so there’s nothing to say and Christmas letters quite often sound like a litany of skite.

I do love receiving Christmas letters myself but most people I know who do the Christmas letter thang don’t have blogs.

Maybe what I really should do is send a card with my website address.

Hmmmm. Maybe next year.

In the meantime, I’m just a bad person.


Did you catch on telly any of the Shane Warne press conference today. The first thing that struck me – apart from Shane’s zinc-free corporate look in a suit – was the backdrop. Not a logo in sight! Just plain black drapes. Tasteful. Stylish even.

Was Shane trying to tell us something about himself.

A clean slate?

Open for sponsorship?

Looking for a corporate gig?


I’ve discovered something about myself. I just don’t do breakfast well.

Sure I have coffee – always a winner – and sometimes OJ – which can be variable – but the whole “Irish Breakfast” or pancakes thing never seems to work out.

I don’t really like fry-ups – it’s all too much too early, and pancakes always sound better than they are.

This morning out at breakfast I ordered the pancakes special. Raspberry and Ricotta drizzled with honey – sounds nice doesn’t it. Meh.

The pancakes were too floury and doughy, the ricotta grainy, the raspberry stuff too rich.

Why didn’t I just order an omelette?

Christmas rush

I thought things were supposed to quieten off around Christmas but I’ve just been getting busier and busier.

Still only a few more sleeps before we can relax and for me that means two weeks dahn sath dahling chilling out on the decking with a glass or two of chardy… or maybe sav blanc. Wet and in a glass anyway.

This year I’m taking our coffee machine.

The question is – can I fit in time for a game of bridge? Must get the kids lessons as really, apart from slave labour – what are kids for? Making up a four at bridge is the least they could do.

In fact they are pretty good card players already. Don’t bet your house when playing them at Brag… and take your tricks early in 500. So it can only be a matter of time… mwah ha ha ha.

I’m really enjoying playing at the moment – apart from the cards themselves which don’t seem to go our way all that often – the social aspect is great, often staying past midnight waffling about what could have been if only I’d not led that diamond. Drinking wine and eating cheese… if only work didn’t interfere quite so much.

Beta check my comments

Moved to the new beta Blogger today and discovered 17 unmoderated comments – so here I was feeling rejected and you’d been trying to send me messages. I feel loved. Thank you. I think Blogger decided I should moderate comments for me but anyway…

Hey guess what?! I’ve done ALL my Christmas shopping! And it’s still a week to go til Christmas – more than a week. This is an absolute first.

Although I think the problem with getting it done early is that you keep finding other groovy presents which you are tempted to buy – at least when it is last minute you keep to your budget!

I’ve been busy at work – I thought it was supposed to slack off at Christmas time but no – but because I’ve been starting early – 4.30am – I have the afternoons to shop hence my efficentness.

Things are slowly falling into place – work next year will continue with me in the same role as this year plus Sundays – at least until June when the position will be advertised – the equivalent regional role (based in Perth) will be as well so… interesting times ahead.